All information on applying for a visa to Belgium, Luxembourg and Slovenia.

Visa for Belgium

Information on applying for a visa to Belgium.
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  1. Where, when, and how can you submit a visa application?
  2. How much is the visa fee?
  3. Required documents
  4. Legalization of documents, accredited translators, certified doctors, insurance companies
  5. Checking the status of your visa application
  6. Contact


1. Where, when, and how can you submit a visa application?

Before applying, please ensure that Belgium is your main destination and that you are very clear on your purpose of travel. Read carefully our chapter on WHICH VISA.

You will first fill in your electronic application form on this official website

Once you have printed and signed this form and gathered the documents in support of your application, you will make an appointment with the Belgian Visa Application Center in Manila. For this, please follow the instructions given on the website of VFS

The last step is to lodge personally the visa application at the Belgian VAC and eventually come for an interview at the Embassy. Mandatory interviews for visas of cohabitation / in view of marriage and family reunion will generally take place on the day after the submission of the file. For other visas where an interview is eventually required, applicants will be informed by VFS of a possible date.

Holders of a diplomatic passport, family members of non-Belgian EU nationals and family members of Belgian citizens who exercise their right to free movement (please read more on this topic via: The sponsor is a national of an EU or associated country | IBZ) , Humanitarian, and “substantiated emergencies” can submit their visa application directly at the Embassy. Appointments can only be made via our e-Appointment system.

2. How much is the visa fee?

As of 02 February 2020 the Schengen visa fee per person (Short Stay Visa) has increased from 60 to 80 euros. For a long-term stay (visa D), the visa fee is 180 euros.

The visa fee is paid in pesos as per the exchange rate communicated by the Embassy of Belgium in Manila. The same is subject to change without notice. The visa fee is non-refundable.

An additional contribution to be paid in Belgium is required for the processing of some visa D applications, in which case you will be requested to submit proof of payment of this additional contribution as a part of your visa application. If you are unable to do so at the time of the submission of your application, the application will be considered inadmissible.

For amounts and rates, kindly refer yourself to the updated consular taxes.

Applicants submitting their files at the Belgian VAC shall be levied service fees from VFS payable together with the visa fees. Applicants that are exempt from the visa fees are not exempt from paying these service fees.

3. Required documents

You will find all conditions on the FPS Home Affairs - Immigration Office website, the only competent authority for the admittance, stay, residence, and removal of foreigners. Click here for information in French, and here for information in Dutch.

For personalized information in English, click here below:




Please note that the Embassy may always request additional documents during the examination of an application that are not mentioned in the above lists. You are hereby informed that submitting the above-mentioned documents does not guarantee the automatic issuance of a visa.

4. Legalization of documents, accredited translators, certified doctors, insurance companies

5. Checking the status of your visa application 

The Embassy must sometimes submit your visa application to the Immigration Office of the Federal Public Service Home Affairs for further decision. It is the only competent authority with regards to the admittance, the stay, the residence, and the removal of foreigners from Belgian territory.

In such a case, your file number will be communicated to you upon the submission of your file to the Immigration Office. From this stage onwards, the Immigration Office is the only authority to contact, if you wish to know the status of your application.

With the file number you can inquire about the status of your application:

By telephone: + 32 2 793 80 00 
By fax: + 32 2 274 66 91

Using this number, you can also check the status of your visa application on the Immigration Office website

You can also track your visa application on the Belgian website of VFS

You will anyway be informed once a decision has been taken regarding your visa application.

6. Contact

Should you still have questions on visa procedures after reading carefully this entire website, please contact us:

Should you need information or details on your visa application, you may contact VFS: