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Identity card

You may apply for a Belgian identity card if you are officially registered with this Embassy, either for:

  • eID: electronic identity card for adults and children older than 12.
  • Kids-ID: electronic identity card for children younger than 12

The eID and Kids-ID are mainly identity documents but serve too as valid travel documents within the EU Member States and for a few neighboring countries. But for numerous countries, a passport is still required.

When a new electronic identity card is issued, you receive in a separate envelope a PIN / PUK-code which serves to activate the card. These two codes allow you to access various government and private sites (pensions, health insurance, invalidity…) and to make transactions or digitally sign documents.

To be able to do that, the card has to be active: so far, it is only possible to activate the card in Belgium or in a few Embassies or Consulates within Europe (Alicante, Barcelona, Berlin, Bern, The Hague, Geneva, Cologne, London, Luxemburg, Madrid, Paris, Tenerife). No Belgian Embassy or Consulate outside Europe has the functionalities to activate eID-cards for the moment, though it might change in the future. For more information on the eID software, please visit

If somehow the card is active already but you don’t remember the PIN-code anymore, this can be applied for online (not through the Embassy) directly on those two links in Dutch and French from the Department of Interior:

How to apply

Click here for complete procedure.


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