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Visa for Luxembourg

The Embassy of Belgium in the Philippines is representing Luxemburg for issuance of visas C (Schengen - short stay - less than 90 days) and visas D (national - long stay - more than 90 days).


1. Where, when and how can you submit a visa application?

Before applying, please ensure Luxembourg is your main destination and that you are very clear on your purpose of travel. Read carefully our chapter on REQUIRED DOCUMENTS.

You will first fill in your electronic application form on this official website (here).

Once you have printed and signed this form and gathered the documents in support of your application, you will make an appointment with Belgian Visa Application Center in Manila. For this, please follow the instructions given on the website of VFS (here).

The last step is to lodge personally the visa application at the Belgian VAC and eventually come for an interview at the Embassy (if specifically requested).


2. How much is the visa fee?

The visa fee for a short-term stay (visa C) is 60 euro. For a long-term stay (visa D), the visa fee is 180 euro.

The visa fee is paid in pesos as per the exchange rate communicated by the Embassy of Belgium in Manila. The same is subject to change without notice. The visa fee is non-refundable.

For amounts and rates, kindly refer to the updated Consular Taxes on the right of our website. Do not pay any additional contribution in Belgium for your visa D application for the Luxembourg.

Applicants submitting their files at the Belgian VAC shall be levied service fees from VFS payable together with the visa fees. Applicants that are exempt from the visa fees are not exempt from paying this service fees.


3. Required documents

You will find all conditions on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Luxembourg, the only competent authority for the admittance, stay, residence and removal of foreigners. Click here for information in French and here for information in German.

For personalised information in English, see here below:




Applicant who intend to stay in Luxembourg for more than 3 months must follow a procedure in two consecutive steps before entering the country:

            step 1: Apply for a Temporary Authorisation to Stay or a work permit

                       directly at the Immigration Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign

                       and European Affairs.

                       Click here for information on all conditions and requirements

           step 2: Apply for a VISA D in Manila only after having obtained the

                      Temporary Authorisation to Stay

                       Click here (VISA FOR LUX LONG STAY) for the required documents


4. Insurance companies

For general information on accredited Schengen Travel Insurances Companies, click here.


5. Checking the status of your visa application 

The Embassy must sometimes submit your visa application to the competent authorities for further decision. Delays are then longer.

You can track your visa application on the Belgian website of VFS (click here (link is external)).

You will anyway be informed once a decision has been taken regarding your visa application.


6. Contact

Should you still have questions on visa procedures after reading carefully this entire website, please contact us:

Should you need information or details on your visa application, you may contact VFS:



In accordance with the Visa Code, every visa applicant reserves the right to submit his or her visa application directly at the Belgian Embassy or Consulate competent for his/her place of residence. In order to do so, the applicant is required to schedule an appointment by email with the mission concerned.


Comme prescrit par le Code Visa, tout demandeur de visa se réserve le droit d’introduire sa demande de visa directement auprès de l’Ambassade ou du Consulat belge, compétent pour son lieu de résidence. A cette fin, il/elle est prié(e) de fixer un rendez-vous au préalable par e-mail à la mission concernée.


In overeenstemming met de Visa Code, behoudt iedere visumaanvrager het recht zijn/haar visumaanvraag rechtstreeks in te dienen bij de Belgische Ambassade of het Belgische Consulaat bevoegd voor zijn plaats van residentie. In dat geval wordt de visumaanvrager verzocht op voorhand via e-mail een afspraak te maken bij de betrokken missie.