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Visa to visit a friend / private person

These are the requirements for Filipino citizens who wish to visit a friend / private person legally residing in Belgium.

In principle no more extra delays will be granted to complete an incomplete visa application.

The consulate will make its decision based on the application file as lodged by the applicant, whether complete or not.

  • A list of the required documents for every type of visa is available in the waiting area of the visa section.
  • The list of required documents are available on this website.
  • Can be obtained at the window of the visa section on simple request.

Based on these announcements we may, beyond reasonable doubt, assume that the lodging of an incomplete application means the applicant either does not take his/her application serious or is simply incapable to submit the requested documents.

PS 1: Whilst processing an application, consulates might request the applicant to submit documents other than those mentioned in the published lists. Extra delays will be granted in that case.

PS 2: Whilst processing an application de consulates might call the applicant in for an interview in the consulate. Personal appearance to lodge the application is not considered an interview but a first contact to be able to decide on the admissibility of the application.

General requirements

  1. Personal appearance of the applicant with appointment at 
    1 909 1014545 (PLDT only through landline or SMART mobile phone) 
    1 903 1014545 (Bayantel only through landline) 
    1 900 1014545 (Globe through landline and GLOBE mobile phone) 
  2. Passport with no less than 3 months validity from the date of intended travel. 
  3. Two duly completed and signed application forms with two recent 2 x 2 coloured passport-size  photos with WHITE background. 
  4. A non-refundable visa application fee (60 EUR to be paid in PHP at the official Embassy rate) to be paid upon submission of visa application.

For the sponsor

  1. Original Affidavit of Support called “Bijlage 3bis/Verbintenis Tot Tenlasteneming / Prise en charge/Annexe 3Bis”, legalized by the sponsor’s municipality in Belgium.
  2. Photocopy of the sponsor’s resident or Belgian ID card (front & back).
  3. Family Composition of the sponsor called “Composition de Ménage/Samenstelling van het Gezin” to be obtained from the sponsor’s municipality.
  4. Recent proof of solvency of the sponsor. Click here for more details FRENCH / DUTCH.

For the applicant

  1. If applicable proof of professional activity of the applicant such as employment certificate stating position, years of service, monthly salary, and approved leave of absence.
  2. If applicable proof of financial credibility such as 3 most recent pay slips, ITR, copies of credit cards, bank certificates, bank statements.
  3. If the applicant is self-employed, a copy of Official Business Registration / Business Permit and bank statement of the company for the last 3 months.
  4. If studying, school enrolment certificate and approved leave of absence.
  5. If minor, parental consent legalized by DFA.
  6. Letter explaining details of relationship with sponsor.

NOTE: You may also be required to submit additional documents at the discretion of the Visa Officer.

Remark: In case of approval, applicants have to produce an original medical and travel insurance valid for all Schengen countries issued by a Philippine or European insurance company (+ 1 photocopy). This insurance should cover a minimum of 30,000 Euros and should cover the validity of the visa.


  • The Embassy of Belgium does not require a plane ticket to be submitted when lodging the application. Any agent/intermediary/applicant pretending the contrary is defrauding you.Unless otherwise specified a simple reservation is enough.
  • The Embassy of Belgium does not accept to work with any au pair or travel agency (be it Foreign or Filipino). Agencies who claim so are giving fraudulent information.
  • The Embassy of Belgium does not require any other consular fees than mentioned on this webpage. Any agent/intermediary/applicant pretending the contrary is defrauding you.